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Network Updates

BlueAllianceSM – Narrow network product launched

BCSBAZ recently announced the BlueAlliance benefit plan, a specially designed plan for people who will benefit from a smaller, more localized provider network focused on Maricopa County. The BlueAlliance Network is a new, more integrated network, separate from BCBSAZ’s larger PPO network.

Because of its unique design only BlueAlliance network providers will be considered in-network for this plan. Providers in BCBSAZ’s larger BCBSAZ PPO network that do not also have a separate participation agreement for BlueAlliance will be out-of-network for this benefit plan. BlueAlliance members may have significantly larger cost shares (copayments, deductibles and coinsurance) for out-of-network services.

When you see a BCBSAZ member, please remember to look for the BlueAlliance benefit plan name on the member’s ID card. The following information applies to the BlueAlliance product:

  • Alpha prefix = XBR
  • Customer service phone number: (602) 544-8979
  • Precertification for in-network services: (480) 684-7070 or
    (800) 827-2460
  • Fax number for in-network precertification: (480) 684-7200
  • Precertification for out-of-network services: (602) 864-4320 or
    (800) 232-2345, ext. 4320
  • Pharmacy benefits: (602) 864-4273 or
    (800) 232 2345, ext. 4273
  • Chiropractic benefits: (800) 678-9133

BlueAlliance is a benefit plan and a network tailored to a special segment of the Arizona insurance market, and it underscores BCBSAZ’s commitment to provide the best health insurance value to all Arizona citizens. We thank you for helping us meet that commitment by participating in our larger PPO provider network.

If you have any questions about BlueAlliance or the BlueAlliance network, please contact your network contract specialist or the BCBSAZ Provider Network Relations Department at (602) 864-4231 or (800) 232-2345, ext. 4231.

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